Conditions That Influence Your Batter Life

by Eugene Brawner
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One of the reasons people prefer laptops over desktops is that you can work on them even when there is no power or unplugged. The battery ensures that you stay on for longer without needing to use your charger. But even with this, there are times when your battery will drain so fast that you are not sure whether it is in good condition or not. Some people have the best-selling Asus laptop battery (BATTERIE PC PORTABLE ASUS LES PLUS VENDU) to ensure that your battery keeps working for longer. Even with a new battery, you must know what influences your battery life. It will go a long way to help you know what you can do to ensure your battery works well.

1. Using the battery

The main reason your battery life reduces is when you use it a lot. Many people charge their laptops then unplug them to use the battery as they work. If you do this often, then the chances of your battery getting spoiled are increased as time goes by. It is recommended that you use your laptop while it is plugged often as this will ensure that your battery does not get strained all the time. Unplugging it will help if you use it while plugged as well.

2. Heating up

Based on the applications you use on your laptop, there are times when it will heat up, especially when the applications are running. If your laptop does this often, there are chances that it will spoil your battery, and in the long run, you might not be able to use up your battery.

If you notice that your laptop keeps overheating, it is best to find out what the cause is. Finding the cause will ensure that your laptop does not overheat, and in turn, your battery will not get affected. You might have to uninstall some programs or fix your fan, but all this will come in handy in ensuring your laptop stays in good working condition.

3. Leaving your laptop unused

Another reason why your battery life might get affected is if you leave your laptop unused for a long time. An unused laptop drains the battery life and keeps doing so over time. If you plan on putting your laptop in storage, then it is recommended that you drain it completely from its battery or leave it with at least 50% of the power. It is also recommended that you switch it occasionally so that the battery does not get dormant.

4. Running heavy software on the laptop

Another reason your batteries do not stay for long is you are running heavy software on your laptop. They take longer to load and run slowly on your laptop hence consuming more power. If you keep using these on your laptop, then your battery life will reduce faster.


Knowing how our battery is affected is very important. It will go a long way to ensure that you look after your battery better. It will also help you figure out what the issue is in case your battery gets drained fast.

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