A look at all the amazing services offered by the Huawei FIDO

by Eugene Brawner
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Our world is a fast-paced and very-connected one where everything needs to be convenient, fast, and efficient. As a result, many people use apps through various social media platforms to establish an online presence. However, a majority of people maximize the potentials of these apps, it is obvious that verifying the identities of users and securing user accounts are of utmost importance. Using passwords for user authentication has a lot of limitations and there’s a need for a more secure user authentication process. This is where the Huawei FIDO comes in.

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is a kit that helps app developers compliment password security with the use of online identity verification and local biometric authentication. This article focuses on some of the services offered by the Huawei FIDO and why it’s an important tool for app developers.

Huawei FIDO Services

Device Security Check

Through the Huawei FIDO, you can pre-verify devices to avoid tampering of biometric authentication. This way, you can be confident that your app and login details are as secure as possible. This is great news for all app developers.

Secure Login

One of the major services provided by the Huawei FIDO is that it ensures that the login details of app users are not compromised. To avoid credential stuffing, leakage, or other password risks, FIDO provides biometric authentication. As such, app developers can implement this feature in their apps so that users can log in with their fingerprint or facial recognition.

Secure Payments

The Huawei FIDO uses biometric authentication for in-app payments. This means that users can make payments via the app, with or without a password. This helps provide a more secure online identity authentication process. Thus, with the new FIDO site kit, developers can make the process of making payments as easy and seamless as possible. As such, users can use fingerprints or facial recognition to make payments without even using their password.

Roaming Authentication 

The Huawei FIDO offers online identity verification capability through the FIDO2 Client. FIDO2 Client allows both roaming and platform authenticators to check the user’s validity during payment and account sign-in. FIDO2 Client helps the Huawei FIDO to optimize the convenience of using the app and to improve the app’s password security. This feature certainly helps developers to implement the site kit on their apps.


There are so many advantages of using the services offered by the Huawei FIDO. Utilizing 3D face recognition, key verification, and system integrity check, FIDO safeguards your authentication and this makes it trustworthy. Using the roaming authenticators and biometric features, password security is facilitated and convenience is ensured.

The full ecosystem can be easily integrated into apps and if you don’t want that, you can integrate specific aspects of FIDO. Lastly, you can be assured that the privacy of your users is ensured as FIDO verifies and stores their privacy data, unlike others that store theirs on the cloud. So if you are an app developer, this new site kit is a great addition and you should consider getting it.

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