Get Your Smartwatch with Honor Back to School

by Eugene Brawner
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Are you in need of a smartwatch to help you keep up with your daily fitness needs but don’t want to spend too much on it? Well, Honor has you covered! Honor special offer started this school year to cater the techy needs of our students who are about to brace the coming school year of 2020.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a brand new school gadget that can help them do better in school and their activities? With Honor MagicWatch 2 (42mm), you’ll be more ready to face and accomplish more this school year.

The Best Thing about Honor MagicWatch 2 (42mm)

Affordability at its finest

Originally without the current sale from Honor, the MagicWatch 2 roughly costs £284.97 in the market. It’s still fairly affordable compared to other flagship brands. But with the sale, you’ll save more because it’s now only worth £139.99. That’s a big difference of more than half of its original price! You will never find this deal on other brands. It’s worth buying.

Perfect for stylish fitness gals

The design is an utmost classic, sophisticated, and minimalistic feel to it. It’s definitely not boring while still living up to its casual-looking but all-around use for any occasion. You can choose from a classy Sakura Gold look or just the classic and minimalist Agate Black. These looks can be worn and mix-matched with any outfit, whether in school or when just working out with friends.

It comes with the perfect bundle combo.

On top of what you’re paying for, you will not only get a watch, but you’ll also get not just one but two free gifts for your MagicWatch. It comes with an awesome Honor Sport Bluetooth Earphone and an extra Honor MagicWatch strap. So you can listen to your favorite workout playlist while doing a quick run or HIIT workout wherever, whenever. When you need a different look for the watch, you can now change the straps to match it with your outfit or the event that you’re attending.

The battery is long-lasting.

The battery can last for up to 7 days with unlimited use to keep up with your healthy and active lifestyle. You will never have to constantly charge it and worry that it might die in the middle of the day while you’re in school or hanging out with friends. Rest assured, it will keep you company for the rest of the week and help you meet your fitness targets without a fuss. Convenient and easy to maintain for a busy student like you.

Has more amazing specs to uncover

The Honor MagicWatch boasts unique personalized watch faces that you can change from time to time, depending on your mood. Its AMOLED display makes the watch faces look more vibrant and realistic on your wrist. You will have a more varied workout plan since it has over 15 goal-based fitness modes and 13 running courses to choose from to change up and mix-match fitness activities. You will never have to deal with stress again since it has a stress monitor feature to keep you level and stress-free all the time.

For the price of below £150, this is a steal that you surely can’t miss!

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