Biometric Authentication Is Important For Mobile Apps

by Eugene Brawner
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Biometrics has grown in importance in the world of the latest security technologies. Biometrics tend to assess the behavioral or physical characteristics of a person to verify his or her identity when he or she is using a particular mobile application. The characteristics may include certain physical traits like eyes and fingerprints. A biometric system that revolves around behavioral traits can be a verification puzzle that the user has to solve. The information about biometric security can sit in a database. Each time a user wants to access the mobile app, the information he or she will provide for biometric authentication should match the information that sits in a database. The fido standards greatly emphasize the inclusion of biometric authentication in mobile apps.

Types of biometric verification

Biometric authentication can take many forms. It can be face recognition, voice recognition, behavioral characteristics, iris scan, hand geometry, and fingerprint scanning. If you have used facial recognition to access your bank account, you have already used a biometric authentication system. The technology is greatly in use around the world. One of the most rampant uses of biometric authentication is in applications that you download on your mobile phone.

Biometric authentication is better than other methods

Biometric authentication is better than other security authentication methods. Here is a rundown of the reasons as to why biometric authentication is better and more beneficial than other security methods.

  • The best thing about biometric authentication is that the information you feed to a biometric system always is constant.
  • The chances of the replication of information and theft are negligible. It is very hard to replicate someone’s iris scan.
  • You can forget passwords and security patterns. If you think you will write it down somewhere and then retrieve the note and feed it to the app to get access, you should know that a note is a physical object which puts it at a greater risk of being found by a stranger.
  • Each person is unique in terms of biometrics that’s why biometric authentication is safer than other security methods.

If you have built a mobile app, you will be needing a sophisticated security layer for the app. Mobile apps are not cheap. You will have to spend thousands of dollars to develop one. The development phase, quite ironically, is easy. The hard part is perfecting your app so that it can be successful in the long run. You should make sure that the app is free of bugs and errors. The design of the app must be flawless as well. However, out of all aspects, the most important is its security. If you have to upload to the store a banking app for the users of a bank, you will not like the app to be invaded by fraudsters. When a user of the bank fills in the app with his or her login information, he or she is risking the savings in the bank. If someone breaches the app security even for a fraction of a minute, it can damage the reputation of your business and may land you in big trouble. Therefore, better app security is inseparable to your business.

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