Fortnite – How to Get Hulk Smashers Pickaxe

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Fortnite has crossovers with all sorts of games, so it’s no surprise that you can get special Fortnite items from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. By accomplishing certain challenges in the Marvel’s Avengers beta, you can earn the Hulk Smashers pickaxe for Fortnite as well as the Hulkbuster style if you’re more of an Iron Man fan. You have to play through most of the content in the Marvel’s Avengers beta to earn the Hulk Smashers pickaxe, but thankfully there are only a few missions to get through. It’s also worth noting that you can only get the Hulk Smashers pickaxe by playing the beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How to Get Hulk Smashers Pickaxe in Fortnite

To get the Hulk Smashers pickaxe in Fortnite, you must complete the three HARM Challenges available in the Marvel’s Avengers beta. To unlock the Harm Challenges, you must play through the Avengers beta until you unlock the HARM Room on the Helicarrier. You’ll reach this point after completing the A-Day tutorial mission, the Hulk mission, and the Tundra mission.

Finish the HARM Room tutorial and you’ll unlock access to the War Table map. You can find the HARM Challenges on the Helicarrier section of the War Table map. Only HARM Challenge 1 will be available at first, but beating that unlocks HARM Challenge 2, and finishing that unlocks HARM Challenge 3. Complete all three of these missions to unlock the Hulk Smashers.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta is live from August 14-16 and it’s open to all PS4 players as well as Xbox One players who pre-ordered the game. The open beta will be live on August 21-23 on all platforms, so make sure to get the HARM Challenges done by then because that’s the last chance to earn the Hulk Smashers for free. If you miss out on the Avengers beta, then you’ll be able to get the Hulk Smashers pickaxe and Hulkbuster style from the Fortnite item shop at a later date.

How to Link Your Epic and Square Enix Accounts

After beating all three HARM Challenges in the Marvel’s Avengers beta, you’ll need to link your Epic and Square Enix accounts to get your Fortnite rewards. First, you need to make sure your console account is linked to your Epic account. Then, you need to link your Epic account to your Square Enix account.

After linking everything correctly, you should see the screen above that tells you your Square Enix Members and Epic Games accounts are successfully linked. The next time you log into Fortnite, the Hulk Smashers pickaxe and Hulkbuster style should appear in your inventory. You’ll be able to harvest materials using the Hulk’s massive hands, but don’t expect to use these fists as a weapon. They’re still technically a pickaxe after all.

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