Why Wooden Tea Cups Are Famous, and Related Information about Them

by Eugene Brawner
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Camping and bush craft fans can’t go without hearing about the Wooden Cup, Gucci and the Scandinavian Cup are a variety of wooden cups. We fell in love with the wooden cup at first sight and always wanted to own it. Do you know where wooden cup came from, how it is made, and how to use and store them? Do not worry. Everything you need to know about wooden cups is covered in this article.

Wooden mugs are an attractive addition to any rustic drink or dining set. However, wood can crack and warp, so wooden cups should be protected from water. Wood repellents are readily available at hardware stores, but many preservatives are not suitable for items intended for drinking. Non-toxic products are best.

However, it may be necessary to repeatedly coat the mug with such products to make it waterproof. A wooden cup protected in this way is safe to drink from and is often beautiful as well. If you did not use wooden cups before after reading this article you would like to try them once.

Is Wooden Cups Suitable For Drinking

Yes, they are good. Think of a wine glass made from a round tree trunk or branch turned on a lathe. Their use requires a food-safe finish. They can be used, but are usually more decorative. Most of the ones I saw were carved so that the grain was horizontal to the rim of the cup. It’s like a miniature bowl. When making wooden cups, this approach makes the handle stronger.

How to Make Them Watertight

Wood is not Watertight but we can make it through different processes. These are some steps you need to follow for this purpose.

  • By using a small foam brush with a sealant. Make sure the sealant you are using is non-toxic.
  • Wax-based sealants are more perfect than others.
  • Let them dry for a few hours
  • Rub your wooden cups with oil until it absorbs.
  • Repeat this process until the wood will not be able to hold more oil.
  • You Ana rubber to polish, gloves and a mask to cover your face.

High-Quality Wooden Cups on Alibaba

Some people ask this question: are wooden cups safe? Just because they know that wood is not water resistant. Here we guide about what wooden cups are safe for drinking. Now you can easily buy your favorite designed wooden cups. On our website Alibaba there is variety. It’s very easy for you to select your favorite product and place an order.

Quick Details about Wooden Cups on Alibaba

  • The product name is High-Quality Wood Coffee Cups
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • They are natural colored
  • Made of pure wood
  • Customized printed logo

Final Thoughts

If you are an experienced woodworker or not after reading this article you are now able to select good quality wooden cups. For those who never experienced drinking in wooden cups, we recommend they use them; they would definitely like this experience. Wooden Cups give a classy look to your table. Click on the above link to buy wooden cups from the Alibaba website.

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