Honor’s Newest Wearable – The Honor Magicwatch 2 – What’s New

by Eugene Brawner
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Fitness trackers have provided great insight into man’s body functions. But, there is always room for improvement, and Honor has stepped up to the plate. With Honor Watch 2, Honor applied new technology, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), to their smartwatch design. In addition to better fitness tracking abilities and convenience unlocking your door. Their new wearable will even prevent you from misplacing your phone!

The Honor Magicwatch 2 is the third smartwatch released by Honor, the Huawei-owned brand. The brand has released smartwatches before the Magicwatch 2 – but this time around it is more premium. The honor magic watch 2 watch faces is part of the premium features with some more significant changes that could give it an edge over its competitors.

This explains why even though the Honor brand is a new entry in the wearable devices market, it has been able to create some buzz with its latest flagship technology-filled smartwatch

How to Customize Your Watch Face on the Honor Magic Watch 2

Customizing your watch face means you can make it look the way you want, including changing the background photo as often as you want. The watch face also has a dedicated button on the side so you can start cycling through your photos whenever you want. There are even groups of images you can choose from to make sure you get exactly what you want.

The integration of the NFC technology into this wearable has improved it in many ways. One of the biggest improvements is that you can customize your watch face to fit your mood and personality using photos shared from your phone. Once you have the best collection in the gallery by your wrist, you can set it to change the display every time you lift your wrist.

Watch faces have been around for a while thanks to the Apple Watch and later Android Wear but the power of an analog display has yet to be tapped into. The newly released Honor Watch 2 comes with more tricks up its sleeve than before, especially in its custom watch face feature that is much improved from the first generation. Users now have the ability to directly upload photos from any electronic device supporting nfc and use it on their watch face.

Tips to keep Your Smart Watch from Getting Cluttered

Smartwatches are great. Although, you may have had some chills awaiting your delivery or when making the selection online, you can rest assured to smile all your way with the wearable on your wrist. When you start using a smartwatch, it is easy to get caught up in using apps and other features that come with the device. You probably will not want to miss important calls and notifications, because that kind of defeats the purpose of wearing one.

With all of the information that comes in your watch, it can be very overwhelming and difficult to receive everything that you need. There are a few tricks that can help with keeping it simple.

First, set your favorites. The favorite button at the top of the watch is a great place to put those things that you will use most often as they will stay there until you add/remove something else from that list.

You can also change the positions of data and applications on the screen to display what you want easier. It is a little tricky but well worth it when you get it right. Otherwise being a reduced display from your phone or tablet, you may find it hard to get some features unless they are well arranged.

Visit the honor magic watches site and place your order for the watch today! Touch and feel the experience that comes with it!

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