Buying YouTube views: Yes or No?

by Eugene Brawner
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Everyone needs to boost their online presence and send their message out there, and YouTube is the best social media platform for that. It is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and one that rewards educative, inspiring, and entertaining content. There is no limit to the amount of information you can share with the world, irrespective of the field you’re in.

Now, let’s say you opened a YouTube account recently. Congratulations are in order. You’re now looking for ways to get views, gain subscribers, and grow your channel. If you want to grow organically, it might take a lot of time. So, you decided to buy views. 

Before doing that, there are so many misconceptions about buying YouTube views that you have to deal with. A lot of people are scared of buying because they feel you will be exposed to all forms of malicious activities online. While there is an element of truth in that, you won’t be exposed to such if you buy views from a reputable and credible site.

Here are some pros and cons of buying YouTube views that are sure to interest you

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube views


1. It creates social proof

This is a crucial reason why people look for all forms of strategies to increase their channel subscribers or boost their online presence. Social proof is a form of bandwagon effect where people respond to events based on how everyone else is responding to them.

If you search for something on YouTube, you’d most likely choose the first video, one with the highest number of views, or one whose channel has a lot of subscribers.

2. Boost your SERP ranking

People spend a lot of time discovering ways that allow YouTube videos to trend with ease. The algorithm is a thin line between simple and complicated, but generally, it takes look at the watch time, view count, number of subscribers, amount of engagement (the number of times people liked, commented, and shared the video), keywords in strategic places, but most importantly, the rate of audience retention.

When you have more views, it might likely influence your SERP ranking and boost traffic.

3. Helps you to monetize your channel faster

Isn’t this what you want out of your channel?

A lot of people have been made rich through profits made from YouTube. Even if monetization isn’t your goal, you can’t create videos for an audience of zero.


For every advantage, there is a disadvantage. But they are little compared to the benefits you’d enjoy. What are the supposed cons?

1. Fear of suspension or ban

The fear most YouTube channel owners have about buying YouTube views is suspension or ban. While they may not be entirely wrong, it largely depends on the platform you buy views from. If you buy views and subscribers from a non-reputable platform, you’ll lose your money.

2. Purchased views aren’t equal to real customers

People argue that when you buy views, they aren’t equal to real customers. But once you build that supposed face of the channel, prospective subscribers will be attracted to the site.

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