Important Random Runescape Facts

by Eugene Brawner
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Runescape has been around long enough to have an old school Runescape section. Unlike many other online games, Runescape allows players to channel their imagination and travel to new worlds. In this article, we discuss random Runescape facts that will get you prepared for the next game. 

Runescape Rules

Like any other game, Runescape has rules that players are required to follow. They include

1.Seriously offensive language is not allowed

2.Scamming is prohibited

3.Players should not break real-world laws

4.Players should not exploit a bug in the game

5.Incitement to break the rules is prohibited

6.Players should not use bots to play for them

7.Players shall restrain from using offensive account names

8.It is strictly prohibited from impersonating Runescape staff

9.Players are not allowed to buy and sell their accounts

10.Disruptive behavior is strictly prohibited

11.Players are prohibited from making real-life threats to members of Runescape

12.Players are advised to restrain from giving or asking for contact information

These rules make up the Runescape code of conduct.

1.Runescape Membership

There are two variations of Runescape, the free version and the paid version. Members with a paid subscription do not have to deal with constant ads popping up. They also have access to 8 exclusive skills, a larger game world, and over a hundred extra quests. The free version of Runescape has excellent content for beginners to feel the game and decide whether you would like to pay for the midgame levels.

2.Account security

Your Runescape account needs to be kept safe as you can fall prey to scammers. Stolen accounts fetch a good price in the black market, which is why some people might be motivated to steal your account. Thieves might try and use fake adverts, website spamming, and fake streams to steal your login information and steal your account. Thus, it is essential to read up on account security and how you can protect yourself.

3.Runescape authenticator

Runescape authenticator is an extra layer of protection for players to protect their accounts. The software is compatible with Google Authenticator. If you would like to utilize this tool, you must visit the Authenticator landing page. The software generates a random key that is unique to be used by the player during login. You can choose to enter the code every time you log in or choose to trust specific devices you use to log in.

4.Your Bank Pin

Your Runescape bank pin is your last line of defense. If a scammer or hacker gets a hold of your bank pin, they would have access to your in-game items. You can set up your bank pin by talking to a banker and following the provided instructions.

5.Tutorial Island

As the name suggests, Tutorial Island is where new players start. At this stage, you select your appearance, after which you will not be allowed to change your appearance without payment. If you are a daredevil, you can go into iron-mode which strips you of access to the bank and remove trading ability; you will also not be able to receive help.

In Conclusion

Runescape never gets boring because there is always a new way to challenge yourself or your avatar. The game’s practical and straightforward structure makes it easy to navigate and manage. We hope these random Runescape facts will help you have a great time playing.

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