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by Eugene Brawner
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Music speaks directly to the soul in a way words just cannot. Understanding how much humans generally love and enjoy music would give you a hint of how important the audio features of an app is. Music apps and apps with audio capabilities are very common today and competition is high. So what can you do to stand out from the rest? Huawei Audio kit has just the perfect set of tools and resources to help.

These tools and resources are all well planned to be able to give your app the audio effects and qualities it deserves. Concerning, audio effects and app, there is no need to skimp on quality. Unlike other aspects of the Huawei HMS such as the HUAWEI wallet kit, the audio kit is more detailed.

With the existing competition, skimping on the quality of your app as a result of the financial burden is a relatively risky move. But the Huawei audio kit offers you the very best at prices that would not be financially draining on you.

Introduction to the Huawei Audio Kit

The audio kit pays more attention to the general audio effects as well as the audio playback feature. That is not the end. The audio kit is also equipped with audio data effects. This is basically all that could be said about the audio kit. However, when paired with the effects of the audio engine, the Huawei audio kit becomes even more interesting.

Specifications of the Huawei Audio Kit

The very first and sort of most important feature of the audio kit is its compatibility. The audio kit is compatible with various formats of audio files. Hence it can play files in these formats seamlessly. The compatible formats include MP3, M4A, AAC, AMR, IMY, WAV, RTTTL, and even OGG.

The other feature of the audio kit is that it allows for the caching of audio files locally. The cached files are also encrypted to ensure maximal data and information protection.

Additionally, the cached files equally have playback features as well. This means that if a cached audio file is interrupted while playing, it resumes from where it stopped. So even if the app is suddenly closed, there is nothing to worry about. This by extension insinuates that the audio kit apps can withstand running out of battery charge. As soon as the device is charged, the audio kit resumes from its last stop.

The fourth feature is that the audio kit also makes it possible to adjust the volume of the audio files to a suitable level.

Fifth, the audio kit allows for the creation of playlists from various albums and the entire song list. This created playlist could be edited to add or delete songs at any time.

Last but not least, the Huawei audio kit is capable of:

  • Playing files in order,
  • Repeating an audio file list,
  • Repeating a single audio file,
  • Playing audio files from the same list at random (shuffle).


With all the nice features that the audio kit possesses, it is capable of being applied in a variety of fields. Gaming, local mobile players, playlists for exercise and fitness purposes, educational purposes, and many more. The Huawei audio kit is the full package.

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