DXRacer FE08NB review

by Eugene Brawner
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XRacer has effectively established itself over the years as one of the foremost manufacturers of gaming chairs on a global scale. This company manufactures all its products in strict adherence to very rigid quality assurance standards it has set for its operations.

Which naturally means that these seats are primarily designed to provide an optimal level of luxury and comfort to the users. Despite of the fact that these chairs are specifically meant to significantly enhance the gaming experience, they can still be utilized for working or relaxation purposes. 

The DXRacer FE08NB is definitely one of the very best examples of the high quality seats this company has to offer to its clients. To which end, this is a brief review of just what this amazing chair has to offer that is geared to those who might be in the dark over this particular issue.

Remarkably high backrest and robust metallic 5 point base

One of the main highlights of this product is without doubt, its exceptionally high backrest. This feature is totally unlike what most other alternatives that are currently awash in the market have to offer.

This one of a kind backrest has been specifically designed to fully provide support for the spinal column in all its entirety. It spans right from the user’s pelvis region up to his or her neck. This obviously provides an unprecedented high level of comfort, while you are engaged in gaming or even working for long stretches of time.

On the other hand, this seat comes with a very stable metallic 5 point aluminum base, which integrates a gas spring feature. This goes a long way in permitting the user to conveniently and in a stress-free manner adjust the height of this seat to meet that of your gaming station or workstation.

Other notable features and specifications

To begin with, this chair offers a relatively large seating surface whose exact dimensions are 20.71” X 20.47”. This product is also wrapped with a luxurious, and more to the point, comfortable PU leather covering.

Beneath this cover, you will find a high density mould shaping foam that can efficiently cushion your weight. The maximum user weight, which this seat can comfortably accommodate is 265 pounds. It also features fully adjustable armrests that you can effortlessly configure in accordance to the distinct height you find appropriate.

Its aluminum base is set on fairly large 2” caster wheel, which allow you to move this product from one place to the next without necessitating a lot of effort on your part. Finally, the whole package of the DXRacer FE08NB includes an adjustable headrest as well as lumbar pillow.

Warranties and moneyback guarantee

To underscore the unparalleled high quality of this given chair, DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on its frame. At the same time, it also offers a full two year warranty on all the parts, which were used to manufacture it.

On a parting shot, this seat is highly noted for carrying a 100 day moneyback guarantee. This certainly means that if you are not fully satisfied with it before this time elapses, you are entitled to make a request for a full refund, without any questions asked.

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