What Are FIFA 22 Coins? A Quick Guide

by Eugene Brawner
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Before you join the bandwagon and buy fifa 22 coins, you need to learn what these are. Another popular term for FIFA 22 coins is FUT Coins, and they were also available in FIFA 21. Thus, it begs the questions like whether you can transfer the coins from the previous version or from one player to another. Is trading of coins legal, and how to earn them? This FIFA 22 Coin guide covers all the essential information.

What Are FIFA 22 Coins?

Like the virtual currency in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, you receive similar coins in FIFA 22. These are also known as FUT coins, and you can use them to buy or trade FUT items in the Transfer Market.

However, unlike previous versions, there are new modes in games where you will have to spend FUT to play, but you will also receive them back as rewards for winning. FUT Draft Mode is one such example.

FUT Coins are integral for upgrading or improving your club overall. For FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Mode, these coins play a vital role. Like always, it allows you to build a customized dream team with players from around the globe.

Can You Transfer FUT Coins From One Version To Another?

No. None of the progress you make in previous versions is transferable. In simple words, you can’t transfer progress and coins from FIFA 20 to 21similar coins or from 21 to 22 in any way. However, to make things fairer for players, there is a new reward system.

Players wouldn’t usually find it worth their time to restart the progress in a new FIFA 22 game. Therefore, you can get rewards in exchange for the improvement in previous games. Like this, EA Games is aiming to motivate players to play the latest installation.

How Can You Earn More FIFA 22 Coins?

The mechanism for earning the coins in the latest FIFA 22 remains similar to older versions. You will have to play FUT matches, trade items in Transfer Market, or Quick-sell the things. Additionally, you can receive coins as a reward.

Trading of FIFA coins is still a bannable offense and is followed by the same penalties. The buyer will get a warning and progress erased, while the seller will get a permanent ban. Therefore, trading or selling is not allowed.

Can You Transfer FIFA Coins From Another Account?

To prevent the trading of coins, transferring FIFA coins from one account to another isn’t allowed.

Players have previously used an auction method to charge excessively for a low-level item, or players and others would buy them. It was a loophole in the transfer but has been fixed. The EA team keeps a close look at these trades.

Bottom Line

The only way to buy FIFA 22 Coins is through FIFA Points. These are in-game purchases that you can convert to FUT coins. It is supported by EA and is a loophole for their ruling regarding the trading of virtual currency for real money.

That’s everything you need to know about the FUT Coins. This FIFA 22 Coin Guide covers everything frequently asked questions to keep it comprehensive for you.

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